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You might be wondering what actually a magical number is? If you have heard of the sixth sense, then that is where these numbers come from. It could be a personal unique number of each and every individual. Between the numbers 1 to 36 there might be a particular number that is your personal favorite. This number might be your personal magic number for the roulette. You could also have two or more favorites so that you can turn by turn apply these numbers in the game. This is a great idea for beginners and irregular players who are just taking a flyer once in a blue moon.

Another very important point is if the software you have is based on open source format or it is based on black box format. If the software you use is based on black box format then you never will know what this roulette system will do. You simple will run it and will not know what it will do and this means that any of your games will be no more than a simple gambling.

I was looking through your website and think that all the information you have posted is greatly informative for anyone looking to buy your product so kudos on that!

Also I want to tell you that DCS roulette strategies are based on open source roulette system format so by this I mean that you always will know what do any of the roulette systems you will select to play. This format allows the player to modify any of existing strategies and this mean to improve any of them. DCS is fully automated software or how other calls this auto play software where you select the strategy to play and DCS follow exactly it. Another useful feature is that during the game process the player can switch for some steps to manual mode and after to move back to fully automated mode. So this is used in case the player see that the strategy don’t return good results and he want to modify the current active strategy. DCS is a very advanced roulette tool and one game let say for 100$ should be divided into many sessions where each session should use a new palette and the amount to win per session will not be more than 33% of the balance to use. So if you look for the best roulette tool for dozens/columns bets then DCS is exactly the tool you need. This software was developed by Money Maker Machine Network which is the best roulette tools provider for all online roulette players.